Why an Achieve Fun Run?

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It's Fun!

The Achieve Fun Run is fund raising event your students, staff, and community will look forward to and remember.  We kick-off the program with an exciting and motivational assembly.  Next, we rev-up the students with a fun, high energy lunchtime activity.  Students will collect donations and pledges, both in-hand and on-line.  Now on to the main event . . . the Achieve Fun Run.  The run will feature music, cheering, and fun themes.  To kick it up, you can choose to add special obstacles and entertainment.  At the conclusion, we will celebrate with a spectacular carnival event including prizes and awards!

It's Easy!

With the fun run, there are NO PRODUCTS to handle or distribute.  We will have a comprehensive preplan meeting with your leadership where all dates and activities for the operation of the entire drive will be discussed.  Our account coordinator and staff will assist with your complete Achieve Fun Run needs.  We even build a customized web page for each school and use a state-of-the-art web based email pledge system – – making it easy for friends, relatives, and communities to support your program.

It's Successful!

Because students look forward to attending all the fun activities, participation levels in the Achieve Fun Run are the highest of any fund raising program.  More students, means more supporters!  More supporters, means more money!!  With profits up to as much as 70%, the Achieve Fun Run program has our highest return.  Your organization will be working smarter, rather than harder!!